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We are the Charlotte area‘s premier tree service company, serving Charlotte NC, Fort Mill SC, Gastonia NC, Mooresville NC, Waxhaw NC, Indian Trail NC, and surrounding areas (not too far). We are a customer service business that is in the tree business – our customers are our #1 priority. The next time you need tree work, please give the Bentancort Tree Service a call, Charlotte residents have trusted and depended on it since 2003.  

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Tree Removal

If you need a tree to be cut down on your property in Charlotte or surrounding area, then Bentancort Tree Service is here for you. Our team of Charlotte tree specialists excel in tree removal.

Stump Grinding

Removing a tree stump from your property may seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be too difficult though. If you need a tree stump removal in Charlotte NC, our Bentancort Tree Service is here for you.

Quality Pruning

We know you want the best look for your trees, why not hire Bentancort Tree Service tree pruning team in Charlotte to help you do proper tree maintenance so that they look great and are healthy.

Storm Damage

Unable to protect your trees from Mother Nature, they often wind up being right in the center of a storm’s course. We know you want the best look for your property, why not hire Bentancort Tree Service?


If your trees need a trim, then calling Bentancort Tree Service is a brilliant decision. We at Bentancort Tree Service specialize in tree trimming. Our team of professional tree pruners can trim all of your trees so that they look great all year round.

Lot Clearing

If you’re searching for Charlotte lot clearing near me then we can help. No matter what you use your land for, if you need it cleared, we are going to clear the items away for you.

When You Need Professional Tree Services in Charlotte, You Can Trust and Depend on Us to Get it Done Right, You Can Count on Bentancort Tree Service.

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Charlotte Tree Service – Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Tree Service - Charlotte NC

Bentancort Tree Service is a fully licensed and insured tree service company in Charlotte, Mint Hill, Huntersville, Matthews, Monroe, Waxhaw, Weddington, Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Rock Hill, and surrounding areas. We are a Charlotte Tree Service company that provides tree services, including tree removals, trimming, pruning, tree cutting, tree spraying, and tree fertilization. We also remove oak & pine trees, clear lots, remove debris, grind stumps, tree planting, and provide arborist services. Call today for a free estimate for premium and local tree services you can afford!

Cutting or removing dead trees, branches, limbs, infected shrubs, large limbs, treetops, or inside growth can cause damage to your landscape or home. Our CharlotteTree Service is extremely knowledgeable and uses techniques that will minimize damage. We can prevent damage to surrounding structures and landscapes by cutting down limbs, logs, and dead branches.

Tree Removal

Our experienced arborists will carefully remove the tree and tree stump, preparing your property for whatever you may plan. Your property will remain unaffected as they remove even the biggest and most difficult trees.

We can get to even the most difficult places with our qualified tree climbers. Safety is one of our top priorities, and we use only the latest equipment and techniques. Additionally, we will remove any debris that may have been left behind at no additional cost.

Using special roping strategies, specialized tree cutters, and the latest equipment for tree disposal, you can expect an on-time, cost-effective service.



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Our Work

Our team of tree care experts and certified arborists are sure to meet all of your arbor care tree service needs.

Frequently Asked Questions – Charlotte Tree Removal

How much does tree removal cost?

Removing a tree can be costly, depending on the size and location of the tree. A qualified arborist like Bentancort Tree Service experts can provide an estimate of the cost prior to removal. Estimates may include removal, transport, and disposal.

Who do I contact for a free estimate?

If you are planning on removing a tree from your property whether it’s residential or commercial, you can contact Bentancort Tree Service at (704) 545-8519.

What should I do if my tree is dead?

If you see that a tree in your yard is dead, there are a few things that you can do. First, consider whether the tree may have died from natural causes like a storm or drought. If not, then it’s likely that the tree was killed by pests or disease. If you think the tree was killed by pests or disease, there are several steps that you can take to help prevent the same thing from happening to other trees in your yard.

How often do you need a tree removed?

It can be difficult to know when a tree needs to be taken down. There are a few factors you should consider, such as the size of the tree and how big it is getting. If you live in an area where there is a lot of wind or snow, your tree may need to be removed more often.

What is the best way to remove a tree?

There are many ways to remove a tree, but the most effective way is to use an appropriate tool for the job. Depending on the size of the tree and the surrounding area, different techniques may be necessary. Proper preparation is also essential for successful removal, including determining if the tree needs to be cut down or removed by hand.



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We offer a variety of other arboriculture services to support both our residential and commercial clients. We have a team of tree care specialists and arborists that can provide the necessary consulting and tree care services to keep your trees in healthy, vibrant condition.


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We have the best tree climbers in Charlotte, NC offers and we take our customer’s needs seriously. Our team of tree care experts offer only the best services possible in Charlotte and surrounding area. From tree pruning,  tree trimming services to stump grinders, our cheap tree removal prices are guaranteed to be competitive in your area.

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